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Coming to America by Diana Erbio

​$ 8

When parents decide to move, children must go along. How could Papa think it was best to cross an ocean and leave Switzerland behind? Join 13-year-old Rosalie as she crosses an ocean and struggles to find her way in a new world.

Life is Precious Parent Guide

by Culture of Life Studies

$ 25

A resource for parents and elementary-aged children, illustrating the basic facts of human development in the womb using scientifically accurate yet kid-friendly coloring pages and traditionally published picture books. Also included, but not pictured here: Baby Steps DVD and CD-ROM with printables.

We Love Our Country by Mary L. Amlaw

$ 13

Simple and organized explanation of the rights and freedoms we have as human beings and Americans, of our Constitutional Republic government, and of the responsibility American citizens have to support and preserve the Constitution.

Enabling the People by Rebecca Siebach

$ 35  (spiral bound, 100-lb gloss paper)

All ages, all homes, and all Americans should understand and remember the amendments to the US Constitution! Each page contains the Amendment text, summaries, and explanations while the page opposite displays a full-color illustration to aid the reader in memorization.

Veterans Heroes in our Neighborhood 

by Valerie Pfundstein

$ 15 (hardback)  $10 (paperback)

An engaging rhyming picture book that fosters appreciation for the brave veterans who are also our family, friends, and neighbors.  

The 4th of July by Nickie Summers

​$ 9

​Introduces preschoolers to the birth of the USA, the legacy of the Founding Fathers, and the significance of the Constitution. Discover why the 4th of July holiday is much more than fireworks, barbeques, and summer fun!

Parent Patriots

Why Am I Conservative? 24 Topics for Kids or Anyone
by Melanie Angell Elliott
​$ 10 -- autographed by author
The basics of political and biblical conservative values, in a read-and-discuss format, specifically written with families in mind. 

Pioneer Pups by Nancy Arnold

​$ 10

The adventures of four pups who accompany their human family on the dangerous journey to the Texas frontier. Along the way, Sweetie, Star, Slip, Scout, and their parents Bonny and Davy prove themselves to be essential companions.

What's Right by Patty Presnell Kinkead

$ 7

A humorous take on a serious subject. Stumpy the squirrel comes to the realization that expecting handouts is wrong and working hard is right.

Declan Grows Up: It's Just Not Fair by C. Austin Lee

$ 10 (hardback)

The Little Lion Declan is frustrated that he can't dunk a basketball like Joey the Giraffe, but comes to realize that he has many other talents that he can grow and develop to help him throughout his life.
Book includes a lesson discussion guide and activity section.

Pat the Gnat and The Broken Chrysalis

by Les Taupier

$ 14 

A pro-life adventure for children! While strolling with Lucy through the forest one morning, Pat the Gnat finds himself being chased by a hungry dragonfly. In the end, Pat is saved by an unlikely hero.

Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College by Tara Ross

$ 10

Trace the history of the Electoral College from the Constitutional Convention to the present. This second edition of the book is revised and expanded to include a section about the National Popular Vote legislative effort. The Electoral College protects our republic and promotes our liberty. Americans should defend their unique presidential election system at all costs.

Lucky Him by Valerie Pfundstein

$ 15 (hardback) 

A young boy knows how lucky the firefighter is - riding in a big firetruck, playing with the firehouse dog, and sliding down the firehouse pole - but if he ever needs help, the firefighter will be there to help him, so he’s lucky, too! 

Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book 

by Culture of Life Studies

$ 5

Packed with puzzles and info to help children ages 3+ understand the beauty and sacredness of pre-born life and the necessity to defend it. Building a culture of life starts in the home. Take the next step in living the gospel of life by helping your child respect the dignity of the human person at all times.

What Would the Founding Fathers Think? 

by David Bowman

$ 10

History, politics, government---they're not just for grown-ups anymore. Today's teens are about to be handed a collapsing nation and it'll be their job to fix it. This book illustrates America's biggest problems with an interactive guide to understanding them that's so much fun adults will want to read it too!

Hidden Treasures, 50 States of Fun by Liz Ball

$ 7

Hidden picture puzzles challenge and entertain kids (and adults!) as they search for each state's hidden items. From sea to shining sea, each page features state symbols, mottos, and fun historical facts that reinforce our nation's conservative heritage. A fun-filled way to learn about the USA. Perfect for classrooms, families and kids of all ages. Over 1,000 hidden items! 

Magnificent Sam by Laurie Cockerell

$ 15 (hardback)

The story of the adventure-filled life of Gen Sam Houston, from his teenage years living with the Cherokee in Tennessee, to his surprising victory against Santa Anna at San Jacinto, to his role as president of the Republic of Texas and U.S. Senator.

Texas Cowboys & Campfires by Nancy Sifford Alana

​$ 15

Through evening campfire storytelling, three boys learn about Texas history and heroes from cowboys who work the ranch. 

The Lost Treasure of Lincoln County by Nancy Sifford Alana

​$ 12

It's 1958. Jonas and his friend find an old chest with a treasure map inside, and they're excited because they might get rich! They ask for help from Mr. Sifford, a descendant of the treasure map maker, but what the boys find is much more than they imagined.

Elementary Patriots, Ages 6-12

Trouble in Ippy-Tippy Town by Katie Berdan

$ 9 

What happens in Ippy Tippy Town when the Gimmie Getters make everything free? Where will the money come from? Where will the food come from? What will the Wanna Workers do to save their town?

The Miracle by Laurie Cockerell

$ 12 -- autographed by author

Perfect for families who want to inspire love and respect for the sanctity of life... 
beginning at the moment of conception. 

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Little Patriots, Ages 1-8

Founders' Fables by Laurie Cockerell

$ 10 -- autographed by author

Ten simple fables explain treasured American values, based on the principles of our Founding Fathers and the concept of limited government, through the use of rhythm, rhyme, and memorable characters.

Freedom Bee by Nicole Haas

$ 9 

Scout the Bee works hard in his hive. So do all the other worker bees, but it's never enough for the evil Queen Bee. Will the Queen Bee learn that it's the hard workers who make the hive hum? Can Scout gain the freedom he's always wanted? 

Pat the Gnat Discovers Angels, Marigolds & Zebras

by Les Taupier

$ 18 

Not your typical ABC book. Pat the Gnat travels through the colorfully illustrated pages of each letter of the alphabet, learning new words at every turn. The format encourages an interactive dialogue between parent/educator and child. 

America's Forgotten Heritage by Carol B. Olsen

$ 13 -- autographed by author

A collection of resources for youth and families on America's Christian history. It contains family stories, copies of original documents, activities, and Scripture to revive an awareness of the amazing role Christianity played in the development of our unique nation.

More Bang For Your Bucks by Thomas Martin

$ 13 -- autographed by author

​Finally, a simple, straightforward guide answering the most common financial questions! 

Sorry, Sold Out.

Striker Jones: Elementary Economics

by Maggie Larche

​$ 8

Striker must use his wits to solve the many intriguing puzzles - and even crimes - that come his way. Unlike most boys, however, he draws upon his knowledge of basic economics to solve each mystery.

Sorry, Sold Out.

Under God: George Washington and the Question of Church and State 

by Tara Ross

$ 10

No American living in 1800 would have predicted that Thomas Jefferson's idiosyncratic views on church and state would ever eclipse those of George Washington, let alone become constitutional dogma. Yet today's Supreme Court guards no doctrine more fiercely than Jefferson's antagonistic wall of separation between church and state. Washington's sharply contrasting views, explored in this path-breaking book, suggest a more reasonable interpretation of the First Amendment, one that is consistent with religion's importance to the enterprise of democracy.

What Were They Thinking by Carol Sewell

$ 16

Gain a greater understanding of biblical worldview, the beliefs of America's founding fathers, our nation's Christian heritage, and how to secure America's future. 

Striker Jones and the Midnight Archer

​by Maggie Larche

​$ 8

Like the first Striker Jones novel, young readers will learn new economic concepts in each mystery, such as wants vs. needs, entrepreneurship, and investment.

How to Raise an American Patriot by Marijo N. Tinlin

$ 15

Teach kids why it's good to love our country and understand why it's so important to fight for our freedom and rights. Lay the foundation for our next "greatest generation." 

Learning God's Way by Zola Ann Crabb

$ 15 

Bring children, family, and friends closer to God through reading, writing and laughing. This literacy workbook presents a creative way to learn God's word and God's ways. 

Patriotic Pups by Nancy Arnold

​$ 10

A lively retelling of the events of the American Revolution. Endearing puppies find homes and share historical adventures with early American patriots like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Canines (Book 2)

by Andrea Rand

$ 12.95

Follow Kinzie, a girl whose father is deployed, as she searches Kibblestan for her missing dog. Dedicated to military families.

The Awesome Adventures of Pickle Boy 

by Jack Bee

$ 12

Will Danny have what it takes to overcome all of his challenges, as well as a terrorist threat that threatens to flatten Manhattan? Or will the forces arrayed against him prove too much for his inexperience to overcome?

Patriot & Friends: Fair and Square

by Michelle A. Peacock

$ 15 (hardback)

Join Patriot and his friends in this entertaining and thought-provoking story as they learn a valuable lesson about the destructive nature of envy. 


 Children's Books

General Houston's Little Spy by Cara Skinner

​$ 12 -- autographed by author

Follow Samantha as she embarks on a dangerous mission to assist General Sam Houston and his fledgling army in their fight against Santa Anna's superior military force. 

Pro-Life Patriots

The Patriot Parent by Pat Montgomery

$ 10

Full of simple strategies to assist parents in transferring their American passion and patriotism to their children. 

Teen and Tween Patriots, Ages 10-18

Cannon the Brown Bear

by Kyle McGrath

$ 12

Cannon journeys from playing in the streams and gathering berries to being lazy and bored, receiving handouts, to once again discovering the joys that come with being free. 

The Chronicles of Kibblestan: Revolution (Book 1)

by Andrea Rand

$ 12.95

Eleven-year-old Ellis helps Kibblestan gain independence from Snotlins, then guides them through setting up their own government and writing a Constitution based upon the U.S. Government and Constitution.

A Flag in the Window by Brian Karadashian

$ 10

The year is 1943, and twelve-year-old Billy Roarke yearns for his father, a paratrooper stationed in England during WW2.